Monthly Archive: August 2011

Aug 27

Review: In Her Name Empire by Michael Hicks


REVIEW:  I have to admit, before I even get into this review, that I’m a fussy reader when it comes to genres. I like a very specific, narrow type of science fiction. I certainly read all types – Hamilton, Clarke, Heinlein, Baxter, etc. – and enjoy them, but there’s a type of scifi, I suppose …

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Aug 25

Book Review: A Line In The Ice by Jamie Craig

A Line in the Ice - Book Cover

I dig a good, original science fiction story – not the typical spaceships full of aliens landing on Earth/only Will Smith can save us story. When I read the opening chapter of A Line In The Ice, it sounded utterly fascinating, so I jumped at the chance to read and review. I was not disappointed. …

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Aug 23

Review of Shattered Destiny by Shay Fabbro

Love this cover...

REVIEW:  The Mekans are arriving, the galaxy is about to face its greatest danger, and the Chosen are in trouble. So goes the second installment in the Portals of Destiny series from Shay Fabbro, Shattered Destiny. I thoroughly enjoyed Book 1, and was waiting not-so-patiently for Book 2, as I felt after reading Book 1 …

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Aug 09

Proud Dad…


I don’t blog very often (and as a writer, I know…I know…), and never on personal matters, but this one was just too exciting for me to fit into a social media post. My 11 year old son Evan, after having tremendous success over the past year in his school’s choir (they won a Philly …

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