Monthly Archive: December 2011

Dec 23

The Gabriel Arc is Complete – Happy Holidays Everyone!


Time flies when you’re writing…and working…and parenting…and shuttling a kid to Philadelphia Boys Choir and soccer…and the other one to golf and karate…and did I mention working? At long last, the finale of the trilogy, Gabriel’s Revenge, is complete. The story of Evan Gabriel has come full circle (you’ll have to read the series to …

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Dec 21

An excerpt a day keeps the anticipation at bay… Gabriel’s Revenge

It’s official! Gabriel’s Revenge, the final installment in the bestselling scifi-adventure trilogy, is complete and will be uploaded to Amazon and BN in time for the holidays! Here’s a snippet:   Gabriel had just cinched his straps when the Marcinko’s engines ignited, pressing each of them back into their seats in the shuttle. He heard Olszewski …

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Dec 19

The official “Name the Gabriel Trilogy” contest


As Rafiki famously said: “It is time.” Gabriel’s Revenge is complete. After months of on-and-off writing (stupid day job…) the last sentence was written. (Just an aside – the final scene has been in my head since day one…like day one of writing the first book – and it was…powerful to write. Brought a little …

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Dec 16

Are books worth more than gas station coffee?


Normally my blog posts are very reader-centric (book reviews, random thoughts and ramblings), but I just received a Twitter DM last night (actually several in a row) I really wanted to talk to someone about. And since authordom is a lonely profession, I figured I’d blab about it here and see what other authors (and …

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Dec 13

Throwing in the towel on one of my favorite authors’ novels


I can’t believe I’m going to say this, and it pains me to do so, but…I just threw in the towel on a novel by one of my favorite science fiction authors, maybe even THE favorite: David Weber. I picked up the latest in the Honor Harrington series, Mission of Honor, a few weeks back …

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Dec 07

Offsite writing – does it work for you?


Happiness to me is an open power outlet at Panera or Barnes & Noble, a refillable cup of coffee, and some mindless background buzz from fellow humans. And with any luck, crappy wifi so I can concentrate on the task at hand – writing. However, sometimes I find myself drifting off and paying attention to …

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Dec 05

New excerpt from Gabriel’s Revenge, Book 3, releasing in December!

Coming into the home stretch to get Gabriel’s Revenge, the final installment in the bestselling scifi-adventure trilogy, released! Here’s a bit from an early scene:   Gabriel felt the tension of the bridge atmosphere ratchet up a notch as he pushed his way through the hatch. The last time he had been here, several hours …

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