Monthly Archive: March 2012

Mar 28

Could I have written 3 additional novels last year instead of tweeting?


This morning, I noticed that I sent my 19,000th tweet, which is honestly an absurd number when I think about it. Nineteen thousand tweets, in just over a year on Twitter? Seriously? What the hell have I been blabbering (and probably annoying people) about? How much time have I spent “writing” on Twitter that perhaps …

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Mar 27

Excerpt from Gabriel’s Revenge – Shuttle Launch to Mars


Gabriel had just cinched his straps when the Marcinko’s engines ignited, pressing each of them back into their seats in the shuttle. He heard Olszewski mutter a curse from next to him. He looked over at the private with a raised eyebrow. “Sorry, sir. I’m a ground pounder. I hate this shit. Necessary evil to …

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Mar 19

Gabriel Trilogy Week at Daily Kindle Bargains (no, that’s not an oxymoron)


If you’ve been holding off on e-book purchases, and are jonesin’ for some science fiction adventure, this might be a good week to skip the McDonald’s large coffee and grab one (or more) of the Gabriel trilogy. In conjunction with the respected Jeremy Shipp and his site Daily Kindle Bargains, each of the four books …

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Mar 16

Excerpt from Gabriel’s Revenge, Finale of Scifi Trilogy – Ambush on Mars


Gabriel could hear the thin Mars atmosphere whipping past his combat helmet’s visor. Visibility from a thousand yards altitude was excellent, enhanced by his helmet’s optics, but no matter how hard he stared, there was simply nothing to see. Even the approaching dust storm barely visible in the distance held no interest for him. Ordinarily, …

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Mar 14

My thoughts on a lost era: Encyclopedia Britannica to stop printing books


Wow. I read this headline yesterday while taking my daily cruise (I do have to see just how the silly GOP primary season is going, after all – it’s like a slow-moving train wreck, and I just can’t look away…) and stopped short. As crazy as it sounds, I had this massive flashback. Me, …

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Mar 10

Gabriel covers getting a tweak – take a peek (hey look, my first foray into poetry!)


UPDATE 3/11: Yep, that didn’t last long. Made a couple extra tweaks: changed the font, gave it a slight inset as opposed to an emboss, moved the subtext up. So now I have before, after, and after-after. Hopefully I’m done… I spent a few hours yesterday doing some tweaks to the Gabriel scifi series covers. …

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Mar 06

I got snookered…by a “free short story”

I just wrapped up a great read over the weekend (plug: Crystal Rain by Tobias Buckell – muy excellente), and was in the mood for a quickie. Stop it… No, a quick read. Nothing too deep; I’m in the midst of my own writing project, and it’s difficult for me to read and write at …

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Mar 05

Finally got some serious writing done..thanks to ignoring the Twittah


Very productive weekend on the super secret project. In and around 10k words written, which combined with some previous chicken scratch puts me approximately 15% into my target book length (and based on my outline sketch, that looks about right). It’s been quite a while since I was able to lay down some uninterrupted word …

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