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Steve Umstead

Steve Umstead has been the owner of a Caribbean & Mexico travel company for the past ten+ years, but never forgot his lifelong dream of becoming an author. After a successful stab at National Novel Writing Month, he decided to pursue his dream more vigorously…but hasn’t given up the traveling.
Steve lives in scenic (tongue-in-cheek) New Jersey with his wife, two kids, and several bookshelves full of other authors’ science fiction novels. Gabriel’s Redemption was his debut novel, published in February of 2011.


  1. Eric Swett

    I thought you had been suspiciously quiet. If there is anything i can do to help just let me know.

  2. twistedscifi

    Steve, time is the most valuable asset that we have. Good for you for recognizing that for you personally, your time is better spent on activities outside of Facebook. For many of the same reasons that you listed in this post, I don’t have a Facebook account. I am very active on Twitter, LinkedIn and on my blog. I think there are no formulaic approaches to social media; different platforms work better for different people. Thanks for sharing and stay busy!

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