Sep 30

I’m running a 5K Sunday for Komen’s Race for the Cure – Can you support?

UPDATE: A HUGE thanks to those who donated online:

Mr. Michael Fisher
Ms. Deslyn Jules
Karen M Cornejo
Laura Lauterwasser
Mr. Mike Crate

With my wife’s and my donations/registration, we raised OVER $200 towards breast cancer research! And I got some killer during-run tweets, thanks everyone for those. I’m thrilled with the support!

Oh, and I finished alive — barely — in just under 35 minutes. Not my fastest, but considering I was up at 5:30 in the morning to drive to the race site…yeah, commendable in my mind.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter may see from time to time live tweets from a morning run (or if I’m really tired, a morning walk). I’ve been doing this off and on for a couple of years to not only get my fat butt in shape, but also because I used to run track way back in high school (and was fairly decent at it) and I want (need?) to run a 5K to prove to myself I can still do it. Lo and behold, the opportunity presented itself, and couldn’t be for a better cause.

A very good childhood friend of my wife’s was diagnosed with breast cancer, and seven years later she’s the picture of health. Ever since then, friends and family have gotten together for the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure as a group walk. My wife RAN the 5K last year (trust me, I was out of the country…I swear), and this year we’re BOTH in. So Sunday the 30th will be my first official 5K run, and I’d love your support – in any or all of three ways:

DONATE: My wife Tracy set up a page on the Komen site for friends to be able to make donations in support of the foundation in conjunction with the Race this weekend. The link is here: http://www.komencsnj.org/goto/umstead . We’re trying to exceed $200 in donations, which would be truly fantastic. Any amount is greatly appreciated, even a buck…

TWEET ME: Yes, Tweet me…during the run. I use an iPhone app called RunMeter, which not only posts automatically to Twitter with my pace, speed, distance, etc., but will also READ TWEETS ALOUD to me as I run. Several friends have gotten very creative with what they send during my runs (and you know who you are, zombie-lovers), and it’s really motivating to hear a voice in my headphones urging me along (any @ reply to me while the app is on is read out loud). The run starts at 8AM Eastern Time sharp on Sunday the 30th, and (with any luck) I’ll be done by 8:35. Or 9. Or maybe 9:30…

PASS THE WORD: If you can’t donate, or won’t be around Sunday morning at 8AM ET to Tweet, no problem. But would you mind passing the word along? An RT, or Facebook Author Page/Google+/blog share? I’d really appreciate the help.

My wife and I appreciate any support you can give – wish us luck!

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