A visible example of why LinkedIn doesn’t matter (at least for me)

Yes, back in the heyday of social media, when I was young and foolish (okay, not that young), I did what everyone else did: sign up for each and every possible social media outlet, program, site, etc. in the hopes of ‘getting my name out there.’

They’ve come and gone. I’ve churned and burned Klout (might be the silliest I’ve signed up for – cancelled), Flickr (never bothered ever uploading), Instagram (I’ve made my feelings known about sushi photos), MySpace (kidding – just checking if you were paying attention), Pinterest (meh, I don’t have that interesting of a photo portfolio), and I believe everyone reading this knows (or senses) my stance on the ultimate time suck, Facebook. Plus probably a few others I can’t remember now.

I’m still active on Twitter, I try to stick my head in Goodreads from time to time, and do still visit Google+ (laugh all you want – it doesn’t have the scope of 1 billion users, but at least there are more interesting people and posts, fewer cat photos and memes). Which brings me to LinkedIn.

It was one of the first I signed up for, even prior to getting into the writing gig, as a way of networking with other business professionals in my industry. I don’t know where it went off the rails, but now it does nothing but remind me of Klout and its ridiculous +Ks. How, you ask? And I know you were asking. Here’s an email I received this morning:

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 11.00.59 AM

This guy, Earl [name redacted], has endorsed me for a whopping 10 categories. It’s flattering and all, being recommended like that, except for one thing.

I have no idea who Earl [name redacted] is.

I don’t even know how I got connected to him. Never spoke to him, emailed, ran into at a trade show. So how does this “recommend” thing work again? Oh right, it’s like that retweeting post I did a few days back, where the author I mentioned retweeted everyone she could in order to get her own retweets. I guess I’m supposed to go recommend Mr. [name redacted], right? Yeah, great social media service…very legit. No thanks. Deleting account.



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