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May 03

What are the dangers with Facebook’s organ donation initiative? New Short Story – OPT OUT


(CNN) – On average, 18 people in the United States die each day waiting for an organ transplant. Billionaire Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg wants to change that. He announced Tuesday that the social networking site wants to “help solve the crisis” by allowing users to volunteer as potential organ donors in the United States and the …

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Jan 11

Flash Fiction – Stuck


Just a little 600 word Flash Fiction – what do you think? It’s from a prompt that’s simply “magic sled.” Stuck I’m gonna nail him so hard! Alex thought. As a snowball flew towards his face, he ducked, and the projectile whistled over his head. Pathetic, thought Alex. Alex had short, blonde hair, with snow …

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May 24

Special Delivery – A short piece from WAY outside my normal genre


Maybe a second glass of wine will help my nerves, thought Kerry Jensen as she changed channels for the umpteenth time, finally settling on a cheesy horror movie. Must be from the 70’s, judging from the bell bottoms and big hair the girl being chased sported, she mused. She splashed a few more ounces of …

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