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Oct 13

Finally got around to watching Pacific Rim. My thoughts…meh…


Okay, when commercials for Pacific Rim first hit the airwaves, I thought it looked silly (I was probably right, but I’m getting ahead of myself). It kinda looked like Transformers meets Cloverfield meets Independence Day (I was very right, but again I’m getting ahead of myself).  I resigned myself to not watching it, but then …

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Oct 10

And just like that, I’ve been put in my place. Another new Chromebook announced, and it’s…what I expected.

Acer Chromebook previewed at IDF forward angle_678x452

Patience has never been my strong suit, I’ll be the first to admit. So when HP announced the new Chromebook for 2013 this week, I was underwhelmed, to say the least. How could they possibly release an all-new device with last year’s tech and still call it new, plus at a higher price point? I …

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Oct 09

So much for upgrading to a new Chromebook after a year. Very disappointed in the new model…


I must say, I’m very disappointed in the new Chromebook announcement this week. I’ve owned the Samsung Series 3 since last fall and love it, but was hoping in a year they’d come out with one a bit more powerful with some extra doo-dads. And when I heard the rumors a few weeks ago, I was psyched. …

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Sep 07

Finally found the Holy Grail of writing in Google Docs on the Chromebook…

My writing buddy...

I’ve been using Google Docs on my Chromebook for writing since, oh, day one. Day one of my Chromebook days, that is. My tech ADHD always has me jumping around from device to device, from app to app, but I do try to do nothing but write on the Chromebook so that somewhere deep inside …

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Apr 24

The Royal Gibraltar Regiment performs…INSIDE the Rock


An absolutely stunning show last night in Gibraltar. The Royal Gibraltar Regiment performed in St. Michael’s Cave INSIDE the Rock, surrounded by stalagtites, stalagmites, and dripping water through the limestone above. Easily the highlight of the trip so far. Just…stunning. Hope my quick iPhone pics do it justice.

Apr 19

First time traveling without a Mac. My plan is as follows:


Those of you who “know” me (inasmuch as anyone knows anyone online – I could be an 85 year old great-grandmother of seven, for all you really know), know that I’ve been a diehard Mac/iDevice user for quite some time. And while that’s still the case (I live in, and will always live in, a …

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Apr 06

My TweetDeck filters – some sanity and organization reclaimed


Though I bounce between TweetDeck, HootSuite, and even the Twitter app on my desktop, some new filters I’ve implemented on TweetDeck (not available on the other two) have made it much easier for me to stay sane and clean up my lists. Without further ado: I’ve eliminated most of the #ff listings on Fridays (though …

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Mar 25

Kindle Quality Notice, eh?

Happy Monday morning to me – here’s the first thing I see in my Inbox: Hello, We’re writing to let you know that at least one of your readers has reported some problems within your book, Gabriel’s Journey (Evan Gabriel Series). There are typos in your book. You can find examples of this error at …

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Mar 11

A visible example of why LinkedIn doesn’t matter (at least for me)

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 11.00.59 AM

Yes, back in the heyday of social media, when I was young and foolish (okay, not that young), I did what everyone else did: sign up for each and every possible social media outlet, program, site, etc. in the hopes of ‘getting my name out there.’ They’ve come and gone. I’ve churned and burned Klout …

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Mar 07

My view on authors tweeting/retweeting – you may not like this…

Big time preface – YMMV. Everyone’s does. There are authors that do nothing but tweet book links, and they do fine. There are authors who aren’t even on Twitter, and do fine. And the converse – authors doing nothing but tweeting book links not selling a lick, and authors who aren’t tweeting aren’t selling. Before …

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Feb 25

My live Oscars tweeting from the FUTURE was spot on – 3 for 3, baby…


Yes, I admit – I watched the Oscars. Not for the idiocy, or the gowns, or the self-congratulatory atmosphere, but for the movies themselves. It’s the only awards I’ll ever (or have ever) watch. I’m a movie fan, so deep down I dig watching clips of the best of the best, seeing the actors outside …

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Feb 14

A little Valentine’s Day love for the ladies…you know, the lovely ones who read…

Just because I can — and I’m busy writing today — I’ll leave you with this, my new unofficial theme song:

Jan 30

Heading south tomorrow. South like Cancun. I have to keep up with the latest in swim up bars, right?

Note: That's not actually me

I’ll be on vacation* in Mexico starting tomorrow, our annual Super Bowl weekend trip (wife and kids and I have been doing this now for 8 years; the resorts set up a wide screen on the beach, cook out, and so on – far superior to someone’s stinky basement to watch the game). But with …

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Jan 28

Insomnia strikes, with a side platter of a new story idea.

I’m typing this precisely twelve hours after I woke up, meaning it would normally be the end of my day, time to kick off the shoes and chillax with some mindless TV. But alas and alack it is not the end of my day, because I woke up at 2AM. My mind was racing, and …

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Jan 26

The next Star Wars to be directed by J.J. Abrams – my thoughts


After days of rumors (or maybe weeks; I don’t get out much), it’s been confirmed that J. J. Abrams has been selected to direct the next installment in the Star Wars franchise, now owned by Disney, with an expected release sometime in 2015. Some additional details: Screenwriter Michael Arndt, who won an Oscar for Little Miss …

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