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Mar 10

Daylight savings time just caught up to me…

Daylight Savings Time meme

Thought I was fine earlier, but yeah – I’m missing the extra hour. And tomorrow is going to be even worse, because someone named it Monday. Can’t we do this hour sucking overnight Friday?  

Nov 30

The Gabriel Trilogy in paperback makes a great gift! Well, at least I think so…


Just in time for the holiday season*, paperback copies of all of the Gabriel trilogy books are available! And for a very limited time, I’ve got autographed copies. Autographed by me, not Stephen King or John Scalzi, sorry… * To be honest, they’ve always been available – I’m just flogging them now because of some …

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Nov 28

Simon & Schuster Joins Forces With Author Solutions To Rip Off Writers

David Gaughran’s got a great breakdown on a massive dick move by a major publisher, somewhat under the radar. Around $5k to publish, pennies on the dollar on royalties. Wow, such a deal. Writers beware…no seriously, if you’re looking to self-publish and considering a service to assist, PLEASE read his article first.

Sep 30

I’m running a 5K Sunday for Komen’s Race for the Cure – Can you support?


UPDATE: A HUGE thanks to those who donated online: Jobeleca Mr. Michael Fisher Ms. Deslyn Jules Karen M Cornejo Laura Lauterwasser Mr. Mike Crate With my wife’s and my donations/registration, we raised OVER $200 towards breast cancer research! And I got some killer during-run tweets, thanks everyone for those. I’m thrilled with the support! Oh, …

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Sep 28

Gabriel’s Redemption on sale to close out the month/quarter/summer/whatever…

Just a quickie post to blather on about a price reduction for Gabriel’s Redemption, book 1 of my top-rated military science fiction trilogy. Normally $3.99, it’s on sale through the end of September for $2.99, a 25% off sale (don’t spend that saved buck all in one place). It’s available for the four major e-reader …

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Sep 21

A little fun for the weekend…

Can’t get this song or video out of my head. And I’m eternally thankful to the artist, Psy, as now I can dance in public without fear. Because I have ALWAYS danced Gangnam Style…

Jun 12

Congrats to the two gift card winners for helping spread the Gabriel word while I was away

Big thanks to the following two random winners of a $10 Amazon Gift Card: Stefano Scaglione (@steve74it) and @pamplainandtall A couple of weeks ago I put out a little sale on Gabriel’s Journey, the complete trilogy (including the Zero Point sequel now, so yes…sort of a quadrilogy…), at $5.99* before I headed to Europe on …

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May 25

How about a little book trivia? Prizes, I promise…but no cash.

Just for funsies (yes, that is a word – squiggly red underlined notwithstanding), I thought I’d do a little first line matching challenge. I currently have seven published works out there (not including Gabriel’s Journey, which is the compilation of four books), and each obviously has an opening line. Some may be obvious, some obscure, …

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Apr 23

Time to vote on the most creative/helpful Gabriel: Zero Point posts, winner receives Kindle Fire/Nook Tablet!

UPDATE: The poll has closed as of 11PM ET Friday the 27th. I have the official screenshot of the results and will post them on Saturday. Thanks everyone! — As Rafiki would say, it is time. Last week, I asked all of my friends, followers, and fans (the three Fs, in social media parlance… okay, …

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Apr 13

Today launches Gabriel:Zero Point with special weekend pricing


The official day is officially here – the official launch day of Gabriel: Zero Point, the prequel novella to the Gabriel science fiction-adventure trilogy! Those of you who have read the series can find out more about how Gabriel came to be the man waking up in the seedy Jamaican hotel room at the beginning …

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Apr 03

Just published some short stories – need some horror or scifi in your diet?


Well, lookie here… I snuck some published works in without the publicity frenzy of the media circus that usually surrounds my novel releases*. * Disclaimer: I’ve never had a media circus. Not even a flea circus, actually. I totally made that part up. Over the past year, I’ve done some short fiction, sometimes based on …

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Jan 20

Don’t mess with my 14yo when he has a bamboo stick

Headline says it all…if you find yourself in a a dark alley, and some skinny blond kid walks up to you carrying a split bamboo stick, run the other way.    

Apr 16

Buy Scifi, get Horror for Free!


My good friend R. A. Evans, author of the suspense horror novel Asylum Lake, is just weeks away from releasing the sequel, entitled Grave Undertakings. I’m closing in on the halfway point of completing writing for the second in the Evan Gabriel trilogy, entitled Gabriel’s Return, with plans to launch soon after Evans. So during …

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Mar 31

What others are saying about Gabriel’s Redemption


Just a few links to some great reviews of Gabriel’s Redemption. As any independent author will attest to, reviews are the lifeblood of getting noticed. Thank you one and all for taking the time to read my debut novel, for the time spent in writing such detailed reviews, and most of all for the great …

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Mar 01

Actual, on-paper sales results for month 1 of self-publishing

Screen shot 2011-03-01 at 4.01.20 PM

I never thought I’d do this for month #1, as I thought for sure I’d be embarrassed at my pathetic sales totals. I mean seriously, Amanda Hocking has sold over 900,000 books in her first year being published, so how lame will I look standing up to that? The numbers came in today, Kindle being …

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