Gabriel’s Redemption Excerpt (Dec ’10)

“Commander Gabriel, the Chinese ship just launched a shuttle,” an excited voice said over the comm. Gabriel remembered it as Ensign Giroux, the Marcinko’s comm officer. “It’s a hot launch, very risky, but they’re coming in fast towards your position, and that cargo ship is screaming past you, no attempt to aerobrake.”
“Thank you Ensign,” Gabriel replied on the open team net. “Give me an ETA.”
After a few seconds, Giroux came back, “Sir, that shuttle will touch down very close to the colony in about twelve minutes. They are really humping it – they’re trying to catch you off guard.”
Gabriel pressed his lips together. Not off guard, he thought, but a little behind in deployment. So much for being ready.
He turned to Sowers and was about to speak when an unbearable pain shot through his skull, his neuretics going completely offline. The shock knocked him to one knee, and he struggled to press his hands to the sides of his head as his combat armor began to lock up. Just before he squeezed his eyes shut, he caught sight of Sowers in the same position, and a tiny part of his mind realized what was happening.

Hit Me