Insomnia strikes, with a side platter of a new story idea.

I’m typing this precisely twelve hours after I woke up, meaning it would normally be the end of my day, time to kick off the shoes and chillax with some mindless TV. But alas and alack it is not the end of my day, because I woke up at 2AM. My mind was racing, and I’m talking Bugatti Veyron racing, not go-carts. And it was racing with images and sounds and dialogue and settings and pew-pew laser blasts. Okay, not specifically pew-pew, but you get the idea.

Maybe something will come of this. I’ll percolate it into a basic outline, slap down some plot points, perhaps even sketch out a few characters. And maybe one day I’ll look back on this post as the beginning of creating the Next Great Novel, and will remember it warmly when I accept my Nobel Prize in Literature, and again when women pour champagne over me in the Oscars after parties. Or, it may just fade away as many ideas do, making room for a better one.

In any case, it’s off to work I go. Wish me luck.*


* There’s no such thing as luck. Don’t let anyone tell you any differently. It’s simply being prepared for an opportunity when it comes along. Trust me…

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