New lower price on Gabriel’s Redemption, book 1 of the scifi trilogy – $2.99/£1.99/€2.99

Gabriel's Redemption full res[Insert witty and entertaining comment here]

‘Nuff said – now Gabriel’s Redemption is $2.99 (£1.99, €2.99 in most non-US) for the major e-reader platforms. Maybe it’s permanent, maybe not…gamble if you must.

If gambling’s not your thing, pick it up now at the following fine retailers:

Kindle US
Kindle UK

Pray that I do not alter the deal any further.

And if I haven’t stumped enough for the prequel, Gabriel: Zero Point is free across the major platforms as well.

Enjoy – and as always, I’d love to hear your feedback. You know, as I write a new story…hint, hint.


P.S. Sorry if all stores or territories do not reflect the lower price; I do what I can through the outlets I can. No, I’m not lowering the Smashwords price – their distro methods and time frames are absurd. This also means Sony didn’t go down, since I have to push through molasses, er, Smashwords to sell through Sony. 

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