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Apr 17

Welcoming back Robert Swartwood to the Author’s Cafe with his new release, Walk The Sky (and a book giveaway)

How about a little Western to spice up your work week? I’m happy to “reintroduce” a good friend who has been here before (though before I had that cool little bookstore/cafe image above), Robert Swartwood. Author of horror, suspense, and thrillers (including one of my favorite reads, No Shelter, with the butt-kicking Holly Lin) has …

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Jul 10

Naming characters: The Upside of Creativity, and a Trap


A writer-centric post today on one of the most enjoyable parts of being a writer – the creativity it allows me. Specifically, in making up names. I’ve talked before about naming settings (cities, planets) and items (vehicles, weapons, ships), but this post is strictly about naming characters…and a trap one can fall into. A few …

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Jun 27

I’m now syncing *sideloaded* books across multiple devices. Here’s how…


Just a little quickie tech-talk post today. Last week I picked up my first iPad* a few days after buying my son an iPad 1 and falling in love with it. * Why is this significant? Because I’ve been a Mac-head since 1986 (lugged a Mac SE-HD to college in 1988 as my portable computer …

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May 27

Gabriel’s Journey, the complete trilogy with bonus Zero Point prequel, on sale 33% off while I’m away! Spread the word?


While I’m away, the price gremlins will play! Last week I ran some two-day sales on the individual books in the Gabriel series; starting today, the complete collection of Gabriel’s Journey (including the Gabriel: Zero Point prequel) will be on sale for 33% off. Hey, that’s almost one third! The regular price is $8.99 (which …

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May 25

How about a little book trivia? Prizes, I promise…but no cash.

Just for funsies (yes, that is a word – squiggly red underlined notwithstanding), I thought I’d do a little first line matching challenge. I currently have seven published works out there (not including Gabriel’s Journey, which is the compilation of four books), and each obviously has an opening line. Some may be obvious, some obscure, …

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Apr 13

Today launches Gabriel:Zero Point with special weekend pricing


The official day is officially here – the official launch day of Gabriel: Zero Point, the prequel novella to the Gabriel science fiction-adventure trilogy! Those of you who have read the series can find out more about how Gabriel came to be the man waking up in the seedy Jamaican hotel room at the beginning …

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Feb 29

New Update: Steadily increasing Nook sales due to not doing KDP Select?


UPDATE AS OF 2/29 – SEE BOTTOM OF POST I took a peek at my months sales figures for Barnes & Noble Nook ebooks this morning, and something caught my eye. I looked back at January’s numbers, and figured out what it was. As of February 17th, my Barnes & Noble sales exceeded January’s entire …

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Feb 26

Excerpt from Gabriel’s Redemption, Book 1: Back Office Troubles


When Santander arrived, Gurnett and two other security men had two plant workers seated in chairs in a back office. One of the security men was training an odd-looking handgun at them. As Santander approached, one of the plant workers stood up and pointed. “That’s him, that’s the guy who set me up for this!” …

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Dec 05

New excerpt from Gabriel’s Revenge, Book 3, releasing in December!

Coming into the home stretch to get Gabriel’s Revenge, the final installment in the bestselling scifi-adventure trilogy, released! Here’s a bit from an early scene:   Gabriel felt the tension of the bridge atmosphere ratchet up a notch as he pushed his way through the hatch. The last time he had been here, several hours …

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Oct 27

Review: The Prodigal’s Foole by RB Wood


REVIEW:  Demons and magic, shotguns and explosions. That’s how I described The Prodigal’s Foole by R.B. Wood to my 11 year old son who asked me what the book was about. His attention span is short (what 11 year old’s isn’t?) so I had to summarize, and there’s so much more. Hence, a book review. …

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Aug 27

Review: In Her Name Empire by Michael Hicks


REVIEW:  I have to admit, before I even get into this review, that I’m a fussy reader when it comes to genres. I like a very specific, narrow type of science fiction. I certainly read all types – Hamilton, Clarke, Heinlein, Baxter, etc. – and enjoy them, but there’s a type of scifi, I suppose …

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Aug 23

Review of Shattered Destiny by Shay Fabbro

Love this cover...

REVIEW:  The Mekans are arriving, the galaxy is about to face its greatest danger, and the Chosen are in trouble. So goes the second installment in the Portals of Destiny series from Shay Fabbro, Shattered Destiny. I thoroughly enjoyed Book 1, and was waiting not-so-patiently for Book 2, as I felt after reading Book 1 …

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Jul 03

Excerpt from Gabriel’s Redemption for #SampleSunday

Lamber and St. Laurent crept up on their first two targets, red outlines in their IR sensors showing the warm bodies huddled behind a ten foot snowdrift about forty feet away from the doors, where the other two figures stood. St. Laurent reached her target first, a man wearing a civilian environment suit. His visor …

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Jun 02

In celebration of the new Nook, join me in promoting fellow authors


I was lying in bed last night (no worries, this blog post isn’t going there) reading Game 7: Dead Ball by Allen Schatz on my Nook Classic (tip: go buy that book). As I swiped my finger from right to left on the awesome little color nav screen, I realized I really love my Nook. …

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May 26

Building your Author Platform


Fellow authors, I’m going to take this time and space to chat a little bit about your platform. I’ll preface this by saying I am by no means an expert, as I’ve only been marketing my work for a few months, but I do have a long background in marketing my own company. In the …

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