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May 24

The Taleist survey is out: “Half of self-pub authors earn less than $500″. I ask, so what?

I read a very interesting article this morning (OK, most of an interesting article) in regards to the recent Taleist survey of self-published authors. I was one of the 1,007 respondents and received my comp copy of the survey results yesterday, but haven’t had a chance to read through it yet. However, the Guardian has, …

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May 19

E-books officially pass print books, no looking back now…


From time to time, in both my personal life and business ownership, I make decisions that don’t work out. Whether it’s to lay a tile floor (weeks of backache afterwards said that was a mistake), try to install my own fence (complete disaster), try a trade show outside of our business focus (waste of several …

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Apr 28

I’m an author unwilling to talk about himself…


This just in: I’m uncomfortable talking about myself. The problem? It may be the only way to succeed as an independent author… Hi, I’m Steve, and I’m an author. [audience: Hi Steve…] That’s about all I’m usually prepared to say. I mean, who cares who I am, what I do, where I’ve been? My wife, …

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Mar 17

Do excerpts work in helping promote your novel?

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Starting today, I’m going to be posting short excerpts & snippets from my current novel, Gabriel’s Redemption, on my Facebook author fan page. One per day through the end of March, just a couple of lines or a paragraph, to maybe show interested readers scenes that may encourage them to take the next step and …

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