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“Gabriel: Zero Point (FREE)” by Steve Umstead on Ganxy

“Gabriel’s Redemption (#1)” by Steve Umstead on Ganxy

“Gabriel’s Return (#2)” by Steve Umstead on Ganxy

“Gabriel’s Revenge (#3)” by Steve Umstead on Ganxy

“Gabriel’s Journey (Box Set)” by Steve Umstead on Ganxy

“Wrinkled Shorts” by Steve Umstead on Ganxy


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  1. Adam Collings

    I’m really quite tempted to buy this book – it sounds very cool.

    1. paulnasonpaul

      Buy it. From a new fan, waiting for more books. Great sic-fi and his characters take the loss of comrades seriously, and the author got me to really think about how it would feel to loss men and women under your leadership. no dies in theses books whiteout a reason.

      The author doesn’t kill off worlds or multiverses to carry a plot. Like “oh heck I destroy a planet to make a cool plot line”

      This is ONE of the many reasons I really like Umstead’s work.

  2. Dale

    Hi Steve

    Finished Redemption, half way through Return…looking forward to Revenge!!

  3. Joe Salamido


    I left you the following review of Gabriel’s Redemption on Amazon:

    “Let me begin by saying I liked this book enough to buy the sequel. It has a good, fast-paced plot. Decent character development. Enjoyable writing style. I noticed a couple of editting mistakes involving missing or mis-used words, but overall relatively clean for an independent author. I did notice a logical flaw in the plot involving an unconscious man watching with tears in his eyes as his dead friend was dragged away. It might be picky, but I find that flaws like this one make it hard for me to suspend my disbelief. I think this author shows promise and I’m looking forward to finishing the sequel.”

    The flaw I’m referring to occurs in Chapter 25. I don’t know how difficult it is to correct things like this, but you might want to consider it in your next addition. Thanks.

    1. Steve Umstead

      Son. Of. A. Biscuit.

      I found the section, and damned if you aren’t dead on. It was a section changed in first draft if I recall, but the last line (about tears) shouldn’t have been left in (nor should it still be in) the final. Totally my fault, made it through final edits unseen. My sincere gratitude; it will be fixed for future editions.


  4. Kyle Owenby

    Just added the trilogy to my Amazon Wish List, I can’t say when I’ll get to them but I’m looking forward to reading them when I do!

  5. Ian

    Hi, where can I get the paperback in the UK – doesn’t appear to stock it (I don’t have a Kindle)?

    1. Steve Umstead

      Thanks Ian for your interest. The buttons above that say Createspace will take you to the bookstore for the print versions.

  6. Rachael Kirby

    Hi Steve,
    I am a new visitor to your site and am very impressed with your books. I myself am a first time author and my book “Black Gemini” is very simular in many ways to your chosen genra. Mine however has a bit of romance and is far more indepth to human emotions in a time of doubt and uncertainty. It is avaible on Amazon / Kindle. I am at the moment working on the sequel there are like yours going to be a series of books. I would like to ask you if I may did you self publish or traditional publishing, as I have had a nightmare with self publishing “Trafford” and was conned by what I thought to be a genuine publisher which left me with Amazon and the chance to do things myself. I am however having a lot of problems with marketing and distribution do you have any tips for this?
    Rachael Kirby

  7. rq


    Saw you r following me on ‘the twitter’ ; decides to give the crazy guy a look see and discovered your “Trilogy” graphic doesn’t take me anywhere! Now I have to click each individual book one at a time instead of buying them ALL with “one click”. .


  8. Rose

    I’m on a big military sci-fi kick right now and totally inhaled the box set (in ebook format). I became instantly hooked on the story, the characters, the action, and was crushed when I finished the last in the series. Can’t wait to see what you come out with next and maybe we can see more of Gabriel! :D

  9. Bob


    Do you plan on writing anymore books for the Gabriel series?
    By the way first three are great reads.

  10. ChickJ

    I wish I knew there was a box series. I brought all the books separate. Still the first one is a winner, so I am on the second one. Just downloaded the novella. Thank you!.

  11. Josh A

    I enjoyed redemption and am part way through return. They are a bit more action and a little less cerebral than my normal reads, however I have really enjoyed them. Looking forward to your future efforts. You are on my ‘watch list’.


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