What Others Are Saying

(Hopefully nice things)

Just a few links to some great reviews of Gabriel’s Redemption. As any independent author will attest to, reviews are the lifeblood of getting noticed. Thank you one and all for taking the time to read my debut novel, for the time spent in writing such detailed reviews, and most of all for the great comments!

If you love a good story but the techno-babble of some science fiction steers you away from the genre, this is the book for you…I loved this book and when I set it down I wanted more. ” —Eric Swett, My Writer’s Cramp blog

Umstead has created an inter-planetary landscape rich with believable characters, non-stop action, and all the twists and turns that make for a great story.” —R.A. Evans, author of Asylum Lake

There are good books that are being self-published, and this is proof. It’s old-school science fiction pulp updated for a modern era, full of fun world-building details and characters that are easy to root for.” —Rob Hart, blogduggery.com

Gabriel’s Redemption will take you on a thrilling ride full of twists and turns and great characters.” —Dr. Shay Fabbro, author of The Chosen: Book 1 of the Portals of Destiny

The plot has finely woven twists and turns to keep you on your toes. The technology portrayed through out the story is both interesting and believable.” —Glenn Skinner, author of the Keya Quests series

I am not a science fiction person, at all…imagine my surprise when I picked up this novel and couldn’t put it down. –Kaye Peters, romance author, kayepeters.com

From start to finish Gabriel’s Redemption is a good, solid read.  A story with excitement, twists, and great pacing.  Believable characters that you come to love, and sci-fi elements that rival some of the greats.— AJ Powers, author & game designer

If you’re into trilogies, give this one a shot, because the ride is just getting started.” —B.C. Young, author/blogger at The Time Capsule

And some from Amazon:

~ “If John Scalzi and Tom Clancy got combined in a transporter accident a la The Fly….and I mean that in a good way.”

~ “This series brings me back to the old days when Sci-Fi was about ass kicking, great friends, loyalty and action.”

~ “If you enjoy a good dose of military hardware in your SF, well, wait’ll you get a load of this book.”

~ “Umstead has a way of putting you right into the scene, whether it be on a Jamaican beach, a rundown apartment or the icy surface of a distant planet.”

~ “The detail of the world-building pulled me in and made everything utterly believable.”

~ “Well-thought-out universe with a tightly woven history, timeline, and culture.”

~ “The author’s imagination is amazing…he has knowledge of combat tactics, both with squads and hand-to-hand.”

~ “Umstead’s writing is solid, as good as it gets, not only in the genre, but in general.”

~ “Umstead deals with issues like honor, responsibility and human nature. While deep in thematic content the forward thrust of the story never stops.”

~ “The military fiction of Tom Clancy, the hardware of Heinlein’s Starship Troopers, and the intrigue of Dan Brown.”

Have you read Gabriel’s Redemption (or others) and are interested in shooting me some quick feedback? Please feel free to post a review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Smashwords; or send an email to steve@steveumstead.com. I’d love to hear what you have to say!

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